We Didn’t Skip Starbucks This Saturday!

In honor of “Skip Starbucks Saturday”, the Complementary Spouse and I treated ourselves to some nice coffee at our local Starbucks this afternoon. They weren’t busy when we got there but that soon changed.

Since the demanding Moms like to use handwritten messages so much, I decided to do the same as you can see below.

The Complementary Spouse went a step further and wore her Keep Calm and Carry t-shirt that we picked up at last year’s Gun Rights Policy Conference.

I, by the way, was pocket carrying my little Sig P238 in my cargo shorts. The Starbucks was not posted so everything was cool.

One of my favorite pictures of the day comes from Brandon Combs of the Firearms Policy Coalition who snapped a picture with the barista holding a “I Love Guns and Coffee” patch. He made it into a nice poster shown below.

8 thoughts on “We Didn’t Skip Starbucks This Saturday!”

  1. Got my burnt java at Starbucks this morning packing (concealed= Kalifornia} and thanked the kid for helping 2A.
    He asked me about guns and I think he will sign up at our club.

    1. @Saint Ron: Amen to that! I can't imagine the horror that Suzanna Gratia Hupp endured seeing her parents murdered before her eyes knowing her gun was left in the car.

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