C-Span To Feature The NRA’s National Firearms Museum On Sunday

C-Span will be running a two-part special on the NRA’s National Firearms Museum as part of their American Artifacts series.

From the NRA Blog:

C-SPAN3 is airing an inside look of the NRA National Firearms Museum this Sunday, March 9, at 6:00pm. Part of the American Artifacts series, this two-part tour starts with the Robert Petersen Gallery and runs through the entire museum collection.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome the cameras of C-SPAN to the National Firearms Museum,” said NRA Museums Director Jim Supica. “Sharing our exhibits with the general public is part of our mission and C-SPAN is a great venue for just that.”

American Artifacts airs on Sunday evenings at 6pm and 10pm with a live stream available at http://www.c-span.org/History/

The show is available online on the Monday following the broadcast. Either way you watch it, this sounds like a worthwhile show.

A teaser of what will be shown is below.

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UPDATE: You can see the recording of this show at this address at C-Span.

2 thoughts on “C-Span To Feature The NRA’s National Firearms Museum On Sunday”

  1. It's a pretty cool museum for gunnies. If you end up in the DC area, it's a good 30 minute drive from downtown. There is no metro access (you need a car). I'd say it's worth the trip, but I would not expect the kids to spend much time there.

    1. I remember going to the museum back in the early 70s when the NRA was still located in DC. I'm sure it is much larger and nicer now.

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