A Company That Doesn’t Get It

While roaming the floor today at the NRA Annual Meeting, I happened to pass by the H-S Precision booth. They manufacture both precision tactical rifles and high end stocks.

You may remember that H-S Precison ran afoul of the gun community by publishing an endorsement of their products by the infamous FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi. Horiuchi, to remind everyone, was the sniper who shot and killed Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge while she was holding an infant in her arms.

After criticism from the gun community, H-S Precision took down the endorsement but dissembled about the reason.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I overheard one of H-S Precison’s reps telling a potential customer that the rifle he was showing him was an actual ATF sniper rifle. He then went on to say that they try to get either a rifle from the FBI or the ATF for these shows.

I said to myself, WTF? I probably should have gone back to the booth to ask the rep to repeat himself but I didn’t.

He could have said it was a sniper rifle from the Marines or a special Army unit or even the sniper rifle used by the Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team in Upper Podunk County and it wouldn’t have mattered. However, saying it was an ATF sniper rifle at the NRA Annual Meeting is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. In other words, sheer and utter stupidity mixed with a strong dose of contempt for the setting.

This is a company that just doesn’t get it. Why would anyone in the gun culture want to deal with them when there are plenty of others that make both top-notch tactical rifles and stocks and that respect both gun and civil rights.

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  1. Also, A big difference between a rifle "made for the BATFE snipers" and one that is actually OWNED by BATFE and on loan back to the company for some unfathomable reason.

  2. The president of the company is a long time friend of Horiuchi (I think they were West Point classmates), and genuinely supports Horiuchi and feels he's a hero. He has said as much when this issue first came up.

    Which is why I would stock a $4,000 precision rifle with an ATI stock before I would accept a free H-S Precision stock

  3. ATI stock? I will give you an old crutch from when I sprained my ankle in college. Will work about as well.

    Not surprised that 2 ring-knocking Pointers choose their friendship over sound business practices, integrity and self-respect.

    And why does the ATF need snipers? Are they doing hostage rescues now?

    1. Eh, as long as ATF has arrest authority and armed agents, I'll give them a pass on "needing" a precision rifle, especially since they deal with crimes involving possession of illegal weapons and explosives — cases where having an overwatch team outside immediate threat range to cover the arrest team simply makes tactical and logical sense.

      Not all legitimate "police sniper" incidents involve hostages.

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