Seen In My Travels

I spent yesterday in Murphy, North Carolina on business. Murphy is famous as the second half of a familiar North Carolina phrase, “from Manteo to Murphy”, used to describe the width of the state. That distance, by the way, is 474 miles as the crow flies or 545 miles by road.

I was driving to my first appointment of the day when I came around a curve on US Hwy 64 and saw this huge billboard. I didn’t have time to stop then but circled back after the appointment to take a picture.

The store’s slogan is “Refills or reloads, we have you covered”. If I lived in McCaysville or nearby in the tri-state area, I think I might rather deal with them than a CVS or Walgreens.

5 thoughts on “Seen In My Travels”

  1. Murphy, NC is also where Eric Robert Rudolph (Atlanta Olympics and abortion-clinic bomber) was arrested back in 1993. I lived in Franklin at the time, and there was a semi-popular bumper sticker that read: 'Eric Rudolph, National hide-n-seek champion, 1998-2003'. I predicted, accurately, that if he was ever caught, it would be by a rookie cop who remembered his photo on a poster from his training. Rudolph was caught dumpster-diving, and surrendered without a fight.
    They stiffed the diligent officer out of the $1M bounty, claiming he wasn't eligible since he was a public servant.
    Even so, it was a nice place to live, and really beautiful country.

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