The Most Absurd Letter To The Editor That I’ve Read In A Long Time

Letters to the editor can vary in quality and substance. In general, people do try to have a well reasoned argument for their position. I might not agree with it but I will defend their right to say or write it.

Then there is this very short letter to the editor that appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch a couple of days after Michael Brown was shot in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.

Why? In 2014 and the age of the Taser, why should any police officer on routine patrol need to carry a deadly weapon?
Anthony Wippold  •  Clayton

Clayton, for those not familiar with St. Louis, is one of the wealthiest places in the state of Missouri. It has a household income of over $87,000, the 3rd highest home value in the state ($607,800), and one of the highest education attainment rates.

I don’t know what sort of bubble Mr. Wippold lives in but the world outside is dangerous. Even the most ardent pacifist should understand that.

7 thoughts on “The Most Absurd Letter To The Editor That I’ve Read In A Long Time”

  1. having graduated from UMSL (Univ Missouri St. Louis) after having run for student council as a freshman in 1971 (,%201970-1972/1971/Current,%20May%206,%201971.pdf), ANthony jumped on the "peace train" with a poorly written/worded letter to Penn State (, stuck around STL, bought a 2 bdrm condo in Clayton area while driving a 2012 Honda Insight, lives like Ghandi after being downsized and unemployed for a year and ending up w temp work w/out insurance (, celebrated 50 yrs of UMSL at their Jubilee with memories "all of the great friends (

    See how that works Anthony?

    -Dirk Diggler

  2. I'd make him a deal, I'll start 7 yards away, he can have his taser out and aimed at my chest and we'll see who gets hurt more so one of us can get their ego checked.. If I win I'm taking his valuables so that he feels what the situation would be like if it were any other criminal..

  3. When a person who will not stand on the wall between civilization and barbarism, and gives the duty and responsibility to others, questions how these guardians do their job and question how they equipped they should be flung over the side of the wall. They are the internal threat that will open the gates to the barbarians.

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