I Would Have Challenged Shannon Watts And Michael Bloomberg

You may remember that the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre was challenged to take the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS by the space cowboy himself, Mr. Gabby Giffords. And Wayne, who we often perceive as a button-downed, corporate type took him up on it.

Wayne then challenged Karl Malone, NASCAR driver Austin Dillon, and Ollie North to take the challenge. That’s fine but I would have challenged Mr. Moneybags Mike Bloomberg to take the challenge. It might have resulted in a bigger check for ALS research. And we shouldn’t forget his little minion, Shannon.

4 thoughts on “I Would Have Challenged Shannon Watts And Michael Bloomberg”

  1. I like Wayne! I also think giving any recognition to Bloomy and his loser minion is stupid. Don't validate their self importance.
    Most of my friends have no idea who Shannon is, and I think we need to keep it that way!

    Wayne stepped up and wrote a check! The winner is ALS!

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