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The quote of the day comes from Hershel Smith at The Captain’s Journal. He reviewed the testimony of BATFE Director B. Todd Jones at the Senate Appropriations Committee yesterday. During his testimony, Jones said all 5.56 rounds were a threat to LEO safety as more people buy AR-15 pistols.

Bearing in mind that virtually all rifle cartridges have the speed and power to penetrate kevlar vests, Hershel had this warning for those in the shooting community who only shoot their Remington 700s or Winchester Model 70s during the opening day of deer season and don’t want anything to do with those tacticool rifles and the people that shoot them.

Here’s a warning flag to all the Elmer Fudds out there who only care about your bolt action hunting rifles, and think this stuff about AR-15s is all just a bunch of made up theater to bother pampered folk like you. They want your rifles and ammunition too. You do understand that, don’t you?

One need only look across the pond to our British cousins to what can happen. First it was the fox hunters who got thrown under the bus. Then it was the pistol shooters post-Dunblane. Too many people said it was only the rich that can ride to the hounds and too many people said what do pistols have to do with shooting grouse and pheasants.

It is like that hit song from 1970 – United We Stand – from the British pop group Brotherhood of Man:  United we stand, divided we fall. Our opponents know that and we should always remember it.

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  1. That's correct. Once they've finished with "Assault weapons," they will go after "sniper rifles"… and there go your Remington 700s.

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