HB 562 – the Second Amendment Affirmation Act – Scheduled Before The NC House Tomorrow

According to Grass Roots North Carolina, the full NC House of Representatives will be voting on HB 562, the Second Amendment Affirmation Act, tomorrow.

A full House vote for H562, the “Second Amendment Affirmation Act,” is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2nd . . .

This is encouraging news, but Michael Bloomberg’s paid anti-gun pressure groups have already announced that they will be slinking around the legislative buildings in an effort to pressure your representatives into ignoring the will of the people of North Carolina. That means:


Stand for Your Gun Rights on Tuesday

GRNC has been telling you about this ‘Michael Bloomberg Doesn’t Speak for Me’ event. If you haven’t already planned to be there, there has never been a better time to drop what you’re doing, and head to the Legislative Building, in Raleigh, to stand for what’s right!

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday), please join other GRNC supporters, and call on your representatives to do the right thing. Bring family, bring friends. Bring anyone who cares about the future of gun rights in North Carolina.

I posted details on the event yesterday. You can find all the details here.

If the House does indeed vote to pass HB 562 tomorrow – and they should – that would be a good repudiation of Bloomberg’s money.

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