Why Do I Suspect A Disinformation Campaign?

Brady Campaign employees Lonnie and Sandy Phillips have been making the rounds of the liberal media proclaiming that they face bankruptcy. This comes as a result of the dismissal of their Brady Center-sponsored lawsuit against LuckyGunner.com, Sportsman’s Guide, and others. US District Court Judge Richard Matsch awarded attorneys’ fees to the defendants when he dismissed the lawsuit.

As I showed back in April, both Lonnie and Sandy are employees of the Brady Campaign. Lonnie still is listed as a Operations Manager for them on LinkedIn. Sandy, as I said, works for them as a Campaign Manager.

While I can feel sympathy for them for the loss of their daughter Jessica Ghawi, I have no sympathy for them over this. Frankly, while I have no proof, I do have a very strong sneaking suspicion that the Brady Center/Brady Campaign will be the ones actually footing the bill.

If the Phillips are actually going to seek the protection of the Bankruptcy Court, it is only because they want to screw the defendants out of the money that is legally owed to them. I think the fact that Lucky Gunner is planning to donate their portion of the money to Second Amendment groups has got to stick in the craw of both the Phillips and the Brady Center.

These TV appearances are an overt attempt to win in the court of public opinion because they have lost, and will continue to lose, in the court system. They acknowledge that they now are seeking Federal legislation that would essentially put Lucky Gunner out of business.

That MSNBC and others have provided the Phillips with a sympathetic ear comes as no surprise to me. They hate gun owners and they hate the Second Amendment. The hell with journalistic ethics when it comes to us. The employment status of the Phillips should have been disclosed as it is an important component of the full story.

UPDATE: Thanks to Linoge, we have a poster that puts it into perspective.

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6 thoughts on “Why Do I Suspect A Disinformation Campaign?”

    1. I would hope that they feel that ought to be cautious. I'm still very skeptical about this. I wonder if bankruptcy is a way to stiff Lucky Gunner on the legal fees that were awarded.

  1. This is a campaign to shame LuckyGunner, et al into waiving the fees. The evil gun industry re-victimizing this poor couple, blah, blah, blah…
    If these people are bankrupted, the fault lies with them and especially the Brady Bunch. It was Lowey and crew who talked these folks into the lawsuit, but didn't actually join the suit so they wouldn't have liability when the suit failed. The fact that these people are employees of the organization is just further proof that this should all be landing on Brady. It was a Brady suit brought by Brady lawyers on behalf of Brady employees, and Brady is lying low, leaving these people to face the consequences.

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