FPC Is Building Opposition To Gavin Newsom’s Plan For More Gun Control

California Lt. Gov. and former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) is sponsoring an initiative to bring even more gun control to the Golden State. However, he isn’t doing this without opposition. The Firearms Policy Coalition is working to build grassroots opposition to his outrageous measures which include having to have a permit to buy ammo and a total ban on all standard capacity magazines.

They released this statement last night:

SACRAMENTO – In response to the official filing
earlier today of California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s mis-named “The
Safety for All Act of 2016,” civil rights advocates at Firearms Policy
Coalition (FPC) and the Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Defense Committee
(FPCSADC) political action committee have begun shipping out over
25,000 grassroots activism guides to volunteers and activism hubs
throughout the state.

FPCSADC President Brandon Combs expects to ship an additional 75,000 grassroots guides within the next week.

are committed to building the biggest, most-organized, and highly
informed Second Amendment grassroots army ever seen in California to
fight and oppose Gavin Newsom’s assault on our civil rights,” said
Combs. “We want 100,000 volunteers working on this by the end of the
year. This initial deployment is just the beginning of our much larger
opposition plan.”

Newsom’s ballot initiative would make numerous changes to state law, including, but not limited to:

  • Instituting
    a total, confiscatory ban on the possession of “large-capacity
    magazines” – even legally-owned “grandfathered” magazines and those that
    are possessed by active and retired law enforcement officers;
  • Adding
    severe and expensive new restrictions on ammunition purchases,
    including a mandatory DOJ ammunition purchase permit for anyone who
    wants to buy ammunition, a ban on private ammunition sales, and a gun
    owner database of ammunition purchasers;
  • A ban on the private purchase and importation of ammunition from out-of-state retailers;
  • Requiring
    all ammunition sellers to acquire a special DOJ ammunition sales permit
    and to have every employee that handles or sells ammunition to have a
    DOJ-issued Certificate of Eligibility;
  • A $25 Million theft of fees paid by gun owners to fund the new DOJ ammunition program;
  • And other gun control regulations that have already failed passage in the Legislature or were vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown.

and the Second Amendment Defense Committee are absolutely dedicated to
stopping Gavin’s unconstitutional gun grab,” explained Combs. “The
infrastructure is in place, and we have retained counsel and specialized
experts to maximize the success of our opposition campaign.”

measures will do nothing to advance public safety, but they will
further undermine the Second Amendment rights of all Californians,”
continued Combs. “The time to draw a line in the sand is right now.”

would need to collect about 366,000 valid signatures to qualify the
proposal for the 2016 general election ballot. From there, it would be
an up or down vote by the people of California.

“All California
gun owners and civil rights organizations must stand together, dig in,
and do whatever it takes to defeat this anti-rights initiative at the
ballot box,” said Combs.

“We are committed to working
with our friends at the National Rifle Association, California Rifle
and Pistol Association, Gun Owners of California, Citizens Committee for
the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and many other civil rights groups to
defend fundamental, individual Second Amendment rights against Newsom’s
unconstitutional attack.”

Concluded Combs, “When Newsom first
announced this awful gun control scheme, we promised to bring the fight
to him. Well, here we come, Gavin. Your move.”

You can support
FPCSADC, volunteer to fight the ballot initiative, and view the official
ballot initiative language at FPCSADC’s StopNewsom.com opposition campaign website, also available at fpcsadc.org.

first informed the public about Newsom’s gun control proposal on
October 14, the day before the Lt. Gov. held a press conference to
announce his plan.