Even On Memorial Day The Prohibitionists Are At It In Illinois

I got the following alert last night from the Illinois State Rifle Association. It appears that the gun prohibitionists are still at it in their efforts to have state licensing of gun stores in Illinois. This would be over and above what is required by the Gun Control Act of 1968 and BATFE.

They are trying to use an amendment to an environmental protection bill to put gun dealers out of business.

On a positive note, there is an amendment to a crime bill that would allow Illinois residents to own suppressors.

If you are an Illinois resident, call your representatives and senators.

Things are moving swiftly in the Illinois General Assembly as we are down to the last scheduled days.

If you recall HB 1016 with Amendment #6 was voted down on Friday.
It was expected to be called for a vote again today, but that did not happen.
the anti-gunners, the ARS, the Bloomberg Moms and others were combing
the halls today trying to pick up votes for this thinly veiled attempt
at curtailing your Second Amendment rights.

It is expected that it will be called for a House vote again tomorrow.
Yes, you are reading it correctly, the Illinois General Assembly will be in session on Memorial Day.

There is no additional amendment, so there are no witness slips to be filed, but please call your Illinois State Representative and your Illinois State Senator tomorrow urging them not to support HB 1016.

SB 206
206 came out of the House Judiciary Criminal Committee hearing today on
a favorable vote of 9 to 5. It will be back in committee soon to
address the suppressor amendment to the bill, now House Amendment #2. 
This is a bill to allow suppressors in Illinois as long as there is NFA
compliance, and to be able to use them while hunting with long arms.

At this point there is no committee hearing to fill out witness slips for, so please call your Illinois State Representative and your Illinois State Senator to urge their support of SB 206 as amended.  There is a possibility that the bill number may change, so make sure that that your legislators know that you are in favor of suppressors in general.

Here are a couple of quick talking points for suppressors when you call your legislators:

  • They can decrease noise complaints that are increasingly used as an excuse to close lands to hunting.
  • They help prevent hearing loss among those hunting or accompanying.

If you do not know who your Illinois State Legislators are, please use the website of the Illinois State Board of Elections and access their lookup app for elected officials based on your street address and/or 9 digit zip code.

Thank you for giving this your attention during the holiday weekend.

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