Spanish FR-8 “Cetmeton”

Ian at Forgotten Weapons has released another of his excellent videos on older firearms. This one is on the Spanish FR-8 Mauser. I remember seeing this for the first time in the early 1980s at a local gun store for about $150. Of course, I should have bought it then because by the time I bought my own FR-8 the price was $350 which I thought reasonable.

To me the best feature of the FR-8 is the sights. Unlike your typical Mauser notch and post sights, the FR-8 has a protected front post with an adjustable ghost ring sight.

4 thoughts on “Spanish FR-8 “Cetmeton””

  1. Got mine around '95 for $100, IIRC. Very short stock for me, and the weird little cleaning kit case under the barrel screws up the barrel harmonics and causes accuracy problems.

    But it's my truck gun…

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