So What Is Long Range?

Long range can have a lot of meaning to shooters. If you live in the East and deer hunt in heavily forested areas, it might be 50 yards. Out West, it might mean 4-500 yards.

Brian Litz of Applie Ballistics does a good job of explaining long range and extended long range in this new video released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Brian will be holding one of his 2-day Advanced Ballistics seminars in Sophia, North Carolina this November. Sophia is a farming community just south of Greensboro. The cost of his seminar is $500. However, if you use the promo code ABSEM100 at checkout, the price falls to $400. For two full days plus all of his books, DVDs, and software, that’s quite a deal.

3 thoughts on “So What Is Long Range?”

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