Good Little Statists

I saw this tweet from the Violence Policy Center applauding the moves yesterday by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey (D-MA) to rule by edict regarding AWB state-compliant firearms.

When you consider that their founder and executive director Josh Sugarmann was the person who popularized the term “assault weapons”, it all begins to make sense. He meant for the term to be used to confuse the general public into supporting bans under the guise of “anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun”.

Healey and Sugarmann are the people that George Orwell warned us about in 1984. They are the good little statists from the Ministry of Love intent on making us submit to their will. The term “assault weapon” is nothing but Newspeak – the controlled language meant to limit freedom of thought. Those earnest men who assembled on Lexington Green in April 1775 must be rolling in their graves to see what has become of their state.

4 thoughts on “Good Little Statists”

  1. "Those earnest men who assembled on Lexington Green in April 1775" would be gathering with their muskets for a march on Boston to throw out the trash.

  2. Let's add the governor of HI to the list of statists after signing into law that all gun owners will be put on the FBI list. I hope that gets thrown out by the Supreme Court ASAP!

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