Just Like Clockwork

The saying that the only two sure things in this world are death and taxes needs a revision. The revision would be to add that in a (purported) campus active shooter situation where little or nothing is known, Shannon Watts of Mommies Demanding Illegal Mayors will be tweeting about it and asking for more gun control.

The first report of an active shooter at Ohio State came in just before 10am EST. The above tweet was made at just a bit after 11am EST. I’d like to be able to say it was her first tweet but it wasn’t. Shannon was tweeting within minutes of the first report.

Reports in the Columbus Dispatch about the incident are relatively sketchy. Some people are in the hospital reportedly with non-life threatening injuries. One of the attackers is reported dead. There is not identification of the attacker. There is no word on whether police killed the attacker or whether it was self-inflicted. There is no word on motive. There is no word on what type of weapon. The list goes on.

The bottom line is that Shannon Watts will use any attack or incident as a reason to push gun control regardless of the circumstances. Her blood dancing is really getting rather old.

UPDATE: More details of this “mass shooting” are coming out. The “shooter” actually hit a number of pedestrians with his car and then started stabbing them with a butcher knife. There were no firearms involved other than that of the OSU police officer who shot and killed the attacker approximately a minute after the attack began. The unnamed attacker is reported in another story to be a Somali refugee with permanent legal residence who was a student. Unlike earlier reports, there appears to have only been this one attacker. The motive for the attack is unknown at this time.

7 thoughts on “Just Like Clockwork”

  1. The blood dancing is especially annoying since I don't think it's clear it's a shooting, even now, 2 3/4 hours later. The news is reporting (12:31 AM EST) that people are being treated for stab wounds and being run over by a car. Going to a couple of local sites, I see no mention of anyone being treated for gun shot wounds.

    If anything, it appears an effort was made to get students to go out of their classes to someplace they could be run over. A coordinated terrorist attack?

    1. The more details that come in, the more it looks like Sudden Jihadi Syndrome. Yet John Kasich says, "we may never know the shooter's motivation".

      They said that after the Pulse night club attack in Orlando, where they have the shooter on tape saying he was doing his attack for Isis and allah. Wonder if we'll get anything like this here.

  2. "Knife and car" attack now that the details are coming out. No firearms were used. Jesus, we really need to get these assault vehicles off of our streets.

    1. Correction: ONE firearm used. That of a police officer, used to end the attack by firing on the attacker.

      A.K.A. Justified shooting.

  3. Because the bad guy was killed by a good guy using a firearm the 2016 firearm homicide count will increase by one and be used by anti-gunowner groups to push for more gunowner control.

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