SHOT Show Through Foreign Eyes

Sometimes it is better to look at something familiar through different eyes. Polenar Tactical is a group of shooters from Slovenia who produce some pretty cool videos on YouTube and Full 30 which have  found a following here in the United States.

Zigo, Samo, and Manca (she’s the cute one) are first time visitors to both the US and the SHOT Show. This video is a record of their journey from Slovenia to Las Vegas and their experiences at Industry Day at the Range. You will see some other familiar faces such as Ian and Karl from Forgotten Weapons as they traverse the range.

There are only two comments I would make. If you ever start to feel jaded and bored by the SHOT Show experience just watch this video to recapture some of that newbie enthusiasm. The other comment is that I think the first English adjective learned by young Europeans must be “fucking” as it is used a lot in this video. Tender ears be warned.

3 thoughts on “SHOT Show Through Foreign Eyes”

    1. Sorry you feel that way. Note that I did give you a warning about the language.

      IF you did find this so offensive I might suggest you change your screen name. People might get it confused with the late porn star Jon Dough and I'm sure you wouldn't want that.


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