Not The Noogie You Remember From The Playground

Everyone should remember giving or getting noogie in school or on the playground. DoubleStar, the Kentucky based maker of firearms and knives, has a different sort of noogie that they’ve just released. It is an “assisted bottle opener” and they call it the Noogie.

According to the press release, the Noogie is a light, comfortable and robust bottle opener with all the right ergonomics.” They guarantee that it will make “quick work of even the toughest import bottle.” DoubleStar suggests checking your local laws before purchasing. That is probably because there are some – not me, of course – who might think of an alternate use for the Noogie.

Here are the specs on the Noogie:

Made from ½” thick durable 6061-T6
aluminum, the Noogie is coated with Type III anodizing, providing it
with extra strength around the cap contact location. The unique shape
provides power and allows the thumb and index fingers to be free to hold
objects while opening another bottle.
Noogie ABO Specificiations:
T6061 Aluminum
Overall Length:
3.6 oz.
Handle Opening:
Grey or Black Type III anodizing

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  1. Not just local laws, but case law too… NE has a supreme court judge who decided that the aluminum device found in a lunchbox is substantially similar to the implement described in the law as being made of "brass or iron".

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