VICE News On Doug Ritter And Knife Rights

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I stumbled across this short video yesterday on Reddit. It is an episode of HBO’s VICE News that features Doug Ritter and Knife Rights. It is surprisingly well done and even more surprisingly pro-knife. VICE News talks about the founding of Knife Rights, their success in many states, and then concentrates on the problems with New York City’s “gravity knife” law.

One aspect that is brought out is that the fight against unjust laws can have unlikely allies. As an attorney with  NYC’s Legal Aid Society put it, he never thought “in a million years that he’d be working with a Second Amendment group on a criminal justice issue.”

One thought on “VICE News On Doug Ritter And Knife Rights”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I've been meaning to join Knife Rights for a while, and now I just did.

    I live in NJ just outside of the NY metro area. I can't carry my multitool when I go in to the city, which is 1-2 days per week. Yet I very frequently get swept with the muzzle of a pistol-caliber carbine by the thuggish cops in the subway.

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