Ian Of Forgotten Weapons Responds To The New YouTube Policy

Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons posted a video on Full30 this afternoon. In it, he discusses the implications of the new YouTube policy regarding firearms and firearms-related videos. As he notes, YouTube is somewhat of a black hole and no clarification is forthcoming.

He addresses the publicity that he’s gotten for his InRange TV videos going up on PornHub. Ian has no intention of putting Forgotten Weapons videos up on PornHub but hinted he has other plans in the works. The PornHub gambit was to bring attention to YouTube’s change in policy and hopefully force them to reconsider it.

4 thoughts on “Ian Of Forgotten Weapons Responds To The New YouTube Policy”

  1. When do these policies go into effect? I thought YouTube said April 1st, but looking at their page here, there's no date mentioned whatsoever.

    I could interpret that as "effective immediately" – a few days ago. Ian said "3 or 3-1/2 more weeks".

    Do you have a solid date?

    1. I don't. I have been using a program called 4K Video Downloader to download a number of firearms-related how-to videos on reloading, AKs, and ARs.

    2. Thanks for that idea. I typically look up videos on taking down some new acquisition to get a better look at it in 3D color than the line drawings in the manual. The problem is I don't know what to download until I get the new toy.

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