“And A Healthy Appreciation For The Second Amendment”

Brian Kemp is a candidate in the Republican primary to be the next governor of Georgia. Kemp is currently the Secretary of State and was previously a state senator. He just put up an ad on Friday that has the anti-gunners howling. Kemp, the father of three daughters, is shown interviewing “Jake” who wants to date one of his daughters.

While a bit stereotypical – dad cleaning shotgun before daughter goes on date – it does get his point across. And, to be honest, I found it hilarious.

Even more of a hoot is to read the comments from all those aghast at his ad in the YouTube comments. From what some Georgia TV stations have reported there have been demands from the outraged (Outraged, I say!) to take down the ad. Only problem is that would violate FCC regulations which prevent the removal of a political advertisement.