Personnel Changes At NRA

The blog NRA In Danger is reporting that Millie Hallow and Tyler Schropp have left the NRA.

Mrs. Hallow was the Managing Director of Executive Operations. Her primary function seems to have been as the gatekeeper for Wayne LaPierre as willing to lie for him when needed. I should note that Mrs. Hallow is a prohibited person insomuch as she is a convicted felon. I reported on that in 2019 when it came to light she had been convicted of embezzlement while serving as the Executive Director of the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities.

I have had confirmation from another source that Mrs. Hallow is out. There is no word on whether she received a golden parachute or was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Additionally, it is not known if she left willingly or was pushed out the door.

Tyler Schropp served as the Executive Director for Advancement. I have not received confirmation from a second source that he has left the NRA. If and when I do, I will update this post.

4 thoughts on “Personnel Changes At NRA”

  1. Hey John…
    Do you know if Millie somehow had her conviction expunged or resentenced to misdemeanor?
    [Nonviolent state felonies sometimes can be ‘post processed’ after a period of time and civil
    rights can/may get recovered.]


    1. Bill – I can find no evidence of this. Given it was in the District of Columbia, it would have had to be a presidential pardon.

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