A Message From Medium Amanda

This post has nothing to do with lawyers – not even election lawyers. It has nothing to do with guns – not even gun control. And this post has might have something to do with money as in an email scam. We all get spam and we probably all have received emails from Nigerian princes or the widow of a long deposed African dictator offering a share of the wealth if we help them collect it.

However, this email was different. It was from a medium named Amanda who is offering to “bend fate in my favour”. The only problem is that Medium Amanda hasn’t quite figured out how to customize her emails to each and every recipient.

Dear firstname,

Your energy came to me in a beautiful vision. I see that you are at a crossroads. You can pick either side: fortune will smile upon you, or disaster will strike.

I possess the gift to bend fate in your favour. This means that your cash flows will considerably increase within the foreseeable future.

All I need is your approval to change your destiny. I need some information from you in order to tell you exactly what you have to do to build your fortune.

If you do not take any action within 5 days, I can no longer help you avoid your fate. Click the link below so that I can tell you how you can realize your biggest dreams.

This is top priority for me, so let me give you the answer as soon as possible.

Medium Amanda

Medium Amanda even included a picture of herself!

The cynic in me thinks that this picture of Medium Amanda kind of looks like a stock photo and that her offer to help me realize my biggest dreams probably is a scam. Nonetheless, I am selfish so will keep her link of an offer of help all to myself.

And to all the Medium Amandas out there, thank you for giving me something to write about on a cold, damp, grey Monday morning.

2 thoughts on “A Message From Medium Amanda”

  1. You should send the link to my in-law. He's retired so makes a game out of seeing just how much of these spammers time he can waste. Ha

    – BAP45

  2. Is she a medium? Well she doesn't look like a small, but could well be large. Hard to tell from a picture.

    And what does her shirt size have to do with anything?

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