Who Is MJP?

If you’ve read the book Atlas Shrugged (or seen the movie) you are familiar with the phrase “Who is John Galt?” I think we in the gun rights community may be adding a variant of this: Who is MJP?

MJP authored a “white paper” on the NRA that appeared on Facebook this weekend. The white paper examines in detail the issues with the NRA leadership, the lawsuits, William Brewer, AckMac, etc. It is a long read but well worth the 15 minutes it takes to read it. As to the identity of MJP, all we can deduce from reading the white paper is that he or she has been a lawyer for over 50 years.

Here are a few excerpts:

On the AckMac lawsuits

Meanwhile I read the pleadings in the NRA’s litigation. Over many years I have analyzed and answered dozens of civil complaints and written some as well. The two that were filed by NRA are unique in my experience; I’ve never seen anything quite like them. They lack a sharp legal focus and ramble on excessively, sounding more like an overwrought lament than a justiciable claim. They present a real mystery to me; I cannot imagine competent lawyers writing such things.

On the Ollie North lawsuit

Whoever conceived this latest lawsuit gave scant thought to the legal reality that a suit alleging conflicts of interest, breach of fiduciary duty and actions “contrary to the best interests of NRA” is not a one-way street. Putting such concepts at issue kicks open the door to exposure of NRA’s own conduct which the defendant can freely explore in depositions, interrogatories and requests for production of documents that can be judicially compelled. Predictably the media will enjoy a feeding frenzy, and the Board better hope that its director liability insurance policy is still in place following NRA’s rupture with Lockton Affinity after Carry Guard capsized.

On the ouster of Chris Cox

Then we have Chris Cox and his chief-of-staff, Scott Christman, suspended on suspicion of being “implicated” in the alleged coup d’etat. If criticism of LaPierre is synonymous with disloyalty to NRA, the Cult of the Personality now has found its most sublime expression. This could not have come at a more critical time for NRA. Since the last national election, ILA needs its full strength to fight the impending battle in Congress—not decapitated in a vengeful internecine “cleansing”. Are Childress and Mrs. Meadows “implicated” too? Who will pay their legal bills when they are subpoenaed?

On the need for a forensic audit

One might reasonably expect that the Board will immediately initiate a fresh forensic audit of disbursements to outside contractors during Woody’s tenure. But the Board’s recent responses to discoveries of impropriety are not encouraging. It would hardly be surprising if there is simply an angry denunciation of the New Yorker article —which indeed was written by the same nefarious Bloomberg reporter as before— coupled with another tight-lipped announcement that nothing is wrong because everything has been “reviewed, vetted and approved”.

Get a tight grip: while Carolyn Meadows insists “everything is on track”, NRA looks headed for derailment. I feel sick.

UPDATE: As mentioned in the comments, not everyone uses Facebook. Fortunately, the entire “white paper” was published in Ammoland.com today. It can be found here. I would urge everyone to read it. 

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    1. I just posted an update. Ammoland has published the entire white paper. If you don't do Facebook, it can be found there.

  1. Interesting, and yes, that IS opening a can of worms. Ironically, that MAY be for the good, as it will get the rot out in the open that WLP has been fostering.

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