NRA Moves Board Meeting Back to VA (Updated)

I don’t know whether it was due to pushback or due to Congress discussing gun control but the NRA has moved their September Board of Directors meeting back to Virginia. It was supposed to be held in Anchorage, Alaska. The location and expense of getting board members to Alaska at a time when the NRA is having financial difficulties caused quite a bit of controversy.

Notice of the change came from a Tweet by the New York Times reporter Danny Hakim. As noted before, he seems to be the new go-to guy for leaks.

UPDATE: The location of the NRA Board meeting will be the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport.

One thought on “NRA Moves Board Meeting Back to VA (Updated)”

  1. I can’t help think the NYT info is coming from the Brewer firm. I hope I’m wrong and fear I’m not.

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