What A Coincidence

The Gun Rights Policy Conference starts on Friday evening in Phoenix. It is certainly important that all the social media accounts of sponsor Second Amendment Foundation be up and running.

It is important but yet that hasn’t stopped some nameless gnome at Twitter from suspending their account.

Dan Zimmerman at TTAG broke the story earlier today. Dan quotes Alan Gottlieb as being shocked. Alan notes that their account has never been suspended and that the timing is ” interesting that it’s happened right before the Gun Rights Policy Conference this weekend.”

My talk on Sunday at GRPC is about how we are at the mercy of the big tech oligopolies. I didn’t expect Twitter to confirm it this soon in advance.

If you have a Twitter account, you might want to tweet @jack (Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO) asking him about it. I did.

Now this all could be just a big mistake and some anti-gun Twitter techie hacked the Second Amendment Foundation account. It could be. It could also be that @Jack who was one of the CEOs who signed the letter to Mitch McConnell demanding action on “gun violence” (sic) decided that pro-2A organizations didn’t need any extra publicity.

One thought on “What A Coincidence”

  1. My account at Twitter, @witold_pilecki is currently under suspension. Some pajama clad basement dweller had to dig through my thousands of tweets to find one from over two years ago that triggered them enough to report. Following the example of Prof. John Lott, I refuse to delete the offending tweet, and have left my account suspended. After I was to delete the tweet, I would then spend a period of time in what’s known as “Twitter Jail”, where I can read others tweets, but that is it. No tweeting, replying, liking, etc.

    In its absence, I have been busy on my blog, where true freedom of speech exists.

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