Sucks To Be Him

Imagine that you a retired Federal special agent with one of the alphabet agencies. Now imagine that you are in a Congressional hearing as the “resident expert” for one of the anti-rights, gun control organizations. You get stuck next to a former street cop from an department in flyover country. That cop is an attractive woman, has more street cred than you’ll ever have, can out shoot you and most everyone in your alphabet agency, and gets all the TV time after the hearing.

It sucks to be you.

That is what David Chipman faced yesterday in the House Judiciary Committee hearing on banning modern sporting rifles. It helps to explain his petulant little tweet this morning.

Jealous much?

Reading through his biography provided to the committee some things stood out. First, most of his BATFE experience was in management and not as a field agent. Second, he was assigned to the Waco field office and was the “case agent in the Branch Davidian trial”. Third, he parlayed his work with BATFE and as a International Association of Police Chiefs Fellow into either a job with the gun control lobby or in a related industry.

Then there is this tidbit from They are the guys in the field who got tired of the corruption, back-scratching, and incompetence of the BATFE Headquarters and management.

 When it was brought to the Bureaus attention that Chipman had tried to grease the skids for former ASAC Stankoweicz(sp), the 5th floor was outraged and tanked the contract offer for someone who had so blatantly and publicly disgraced the Bureau. That did not prevent him from sliding into some other non Bureau contracted position. The problem is, that Chipman has been manipulating the Bureau sponsored contractor to pad the BQL with friends. The net effect is that the truly qualified people are not being considered for the positions. It has also been stated that Chipman has delivered HIS version of the BQLs for these contract positions, demanding his buddies be placed at the top of the list. Yep fraud. That simple. Yep the 5th floor knows.

BQL stands for best qualified list.

Finally, what kind of person puts where he or she went to high school on their professional resume? We may be proud of our alma mater but give me a frigging break. Chipman wants you to know he graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy. I’m guessing that is a kind of virtue signaling. It says that while he didn’t graduate from an Ivy League college, he wasn’t like the other jack-booted thugs in his alphabet agency. I’m guessing Chipman thinks it signals that he is one of the elite who “care”.

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