Big Win For Winchester

The Lake City Ammunition Plant is the primary supplier of small arms ammunition to the military. It was established in December 1940 and began producing ammunition in 1941. The plant covers almost 4,000 acres outside of Independence, Missouri. It has, according the US Army Joint Munitions Command, ” 408 buildings, 43 magazines, nine warehouses, 11 igloos and storage capacity of 707,000 square feet. “

The facility has been run by ATK and subsequent companies since 2000. Thus, it is currently being run by Northrup Grumman Innovation Systems after their merger with Orbital ATK. It is why much of the excess production is available through Federal Ammunition’s American Eagle brand.

The Joint Munitions Command issued a request for proposal in June 2017 for the operation, maintenance, and modernization of the Lake City Plant. A final RFP was issued in November 2018 and responses were due by the end of the year. This past week it was announced that the Winchester Division of Olin Corporation was the winner of the contract. The contract will go through September 27, 2029.

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2 thoughts on “Big Win For Winchester”

  1. Interesting note and yes, the costs are going to be LARGE to switch over and continue to produce 5.56 in the interim…

    1. Heroic prediction. It ain’t going to happen. The [fill in the blank] is the round of the future and always will be.

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