I So Want One Of These!

In the video below, Larry Vickers discusses and shoots the Swedish K Gun. Also known as the Carl Gustav M/45, this submachine gun was used extensively in Vietnam by Special Forces and in the Congo by Swedish UN peacekeepers.

The Swedes objected to the US forces using it in Vietnam and imposed an embargo on their sale. Smith & Wesson made a clone called the Model 76 for use by our military. I had a chance to shoot one of these years ago at a blogger shoot put on by LuckyGunner.com. Let’s put it this way, if I had the extra money and didn’t mind waiting months I’d buy one.

The going price for a transferable K Gun is in the $20,000 range. You can get the S&W Model 76 for much less.

One thought on “I So Want One Of These!”

  1. IIRC, one of those S&W mod 76 subguns was one of several guns used to repel boarders at a gun shop some decades ago. It was an after hours attempt by a gang with multiple vehicles. The shop owner lived next door and fired north of 100 rounds to dissuade the perps. Two of them expired after leaving in a car that attempted to run him down. Mas Ayoob did a story on this. Think it might have been in Handgunner.

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