Fountain Pen Day 2019

The first Friday in November is celebrated as Fountain Pen Day. It is a day to celebrate, embrace, promote, and share the use of fountain pens.

This year I’m going international. The two pens I have currently inked are from China and Pakistan respectively.

The former is a Kaco Edge made in Shanghai. It is a smooth writer, feels good in the hand, and remind me of a Lamy 2000. The only downside is that the clip is so tight that it is hard to fit in your shirt pocket. It is available on Amazon for $17.50 and does come with a converter.

The latter is a Dollar i717 demonstrator (clear) pen made in Pakistan. I picked up a dozen of them for about $15 on EBay. It is a piston filler that starts right away. Fountain pens often are hard to get the ink flowing if they’ve sat for a day or two. I have given away a number of these pens to fellow fountain pen geeks. You can read a review of it here.

5 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Day 2019”

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  2. Jeff, you are 100% wrong. Fountain pens are so much nicer to write with than ballpoints. I am a high school teacher and I always use a fountain pen. I’ve had students ask if they could try it and they all love it when they do. I’ve had several students go and buy fountain pens afterwards.

    I currently have a Levenger Truewriter Classic as well as a Cross that I picked up on sale from Office Depot. I much prefer the Levenger as it has a finer nib and the Cross nibs aren’t replaceable. I am planning on order another one or two for Christmas this year for different colored inks.

    1. No, I’m not 100% wrong. We may be in disagreement. There is a difference. Forty years ago I wrote a good bit with fountain pens. I still think they are neat and useful. Same thing with washboards. But I no longer use either because I’m more interested in practicality, ease of use, and effectiveness than I am in using something “neat.” I have inkwells too. But I don’t use ’em.

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