Christmas Book Suggestions

Gun owners need training. More is better. Unfortunately, most people never go beyond the required training needed to obtain a carry permit. Furthermore, most of us cannot afford to be “training junkies” traveling coast to coast taking classes with the best instructors in far off locations. Karl Rehn and John Daub of KR Training in Austin, Texas have written Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training to fill in some of those blanks. Broken down into three parts, it makes the case for why we need more training, defines what the authors consider minimum competency for defensive pistol, and then provides a series of drills to help you achieve that minimum competency. The book won’t substitute for a live class on a real range but it will help make you part of that one percent that go beyond their original CCW class.

Finally, if you have a friend or relative with a carry permit, they need copies of the next two books. Actually, anyone who owns a firearm for self-defense should have and study these books. I have taken classes with both Massad Ayoob and Andrew Branca. I feel that the combination of the two will make you better prepared, god forbid, if you have to engage in an act of armed self defense. Knowing what you can and should do within the law will either keep you out of trouble to begin with or help you deal with the legal aftermath.

Mas’ book is sent to all members of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network when they first join. It is that good and that important.

Most of these books are also available in Kindle format. That said, sometimes the physical book, either paperback or hardback, may be cheaper.

As to Kindles, I have a Kindle Paperwhite and Fire 7 while the Complementary Spouse has the Kindle Fire 7 and Kindle Fire 8. She uses them like a lower cost Apple iPad as well as for reading. With the Christmas season upon us, Amazon has some good deals on these devices.

One last reminder. If you purchase any of these books through the links that I’ve provided, I earn a small commission. Monies earned over and above what is needed for the maintenance of this website will be donated to various Second Amendment organizations.

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