Cam & Stephen Gutowski On VA Bills

First off, let me say I’m sorry for the slow blogging the last few days. We always joke about the SHOT Show crud. However, there is a new thing – the pre-SHOT Show crud and I’ve got it. I’m guessing the vectors were my granddaughters who passed me the stuff going around their day care and pre-school. If there is a good thing about it, I’ll probably be immune to any bugs out of SHOT!

Now on to the important stuff. Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms and Stephen Gutowski of the Free Beacon discuss the gun control bills that have been introduced into the Virginia General Assembly by anti-gun Democrats.

It ain’t pretty. The so-called compromise bills are just a prelude to future confiscation. The other bills include outlawing suppressors and a standard capacity mag ban without any grandfathering. Another bill would ban all non-lead ammunition and make it a felony to possess even a single round of a non-lead based ammo. I wonder if they got permission from the environmentalists for that one.

I’ll let Cam and Stephen tell the rest of the story.

2 thoughts on “Cam & Stephen Gutowski On VA Bills”

  1. “The so-called compromise bills are just a prelude to future confiscation.”

    Par for the course. When an anti-freedom person calls their bill a “compromise”, what they mean is, “I’ll get this for now, and you can keep the rest … which I’ll be back for later.”

    It’s LawDog’s “gun rights cake” all over again (cartoon form here).

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