This Is How To Play The Game

Michael Bloomberg is spending big bucks to get his name and message out there. He is even trying to buy influence on social media with “micro-influencers” by paying them $150 to say nice things about him.

By contrast, Grass Roots North Carolina is an all volunteer organization that depends upon donations of both time and money to advance the message of freedom and gun rights.

So when Mini Mike as Trump calls him comes to town, who gets the headlines?

It was Andy Stevens, Grass Roots North Carolina, and a handful of others protesting outside the new Bloomberg 2020 headquarters in Winston-Salem.

Photo courtesy of Andy Stevens

In this case, Mini Mike himself was scarce but his campaign bus appeared in his stead. It looks like he also sent along some of his armed security staff to keep the non-elite at bay.

Photo courtesy of Andy Stevens

From the Winston-Salem Journal:

Protesters unhappy with Mike Bloomberg’s stance on gun laws greeted the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign bus in downtown Winston-Salem, as the bus made its way on a gun-violence prevention tour across the state on Friday.

The small group of protesters gathered at the corner of Liberty and Fifth streets, right beside the Bloomberg campaign headquarters there. The protesters held up signs in support of gun rights and shouted slogans as the bus parked in front of the campaign headquarters and discharged its passengers.

“Forsyth County just passed a Second Amendment resolution, so we are in the right place at the right time,” said protest organizer Andy Stevens. Stevens went on to say that the state would “not be bought by New York money.”

Only three paragraphs in the whole article were devoted to Bloomberg’s campaign.

For a business mogul like Mini Mike, that wasn’t a great return on investment.

GRNC, by contrast, did get a great return from their few home printed signs. If you’d like to help out, you could always send a few bucks their way. I don’t think they would turn your money down!

Photo courtesy of Andy Stevens

4 thoughts on “This Is How To Play The Game”

  1. So what’s with the security guards all wearing dark shades and the guy in the front picture flashing a V sign? Random instantaneous snap? Although that’s an odd things to do with your fingers when you are walking around.

    Question. How do you go about starting a group? We don’t have one single gun rights group in the state of Washington that I am aware of. SAF and CCRKBA are both based here but both focused on national politics and issues. I just realized that the other day when I was watching the Virginia news. I have no idea how one would start something or publicize it or organize it.

  2. I think the organization in Washington State is the Gun Owners Action League of Washington. I have an email in to my friends in Washington to confirm.

    1. It is the WAGOAL.

      He also said: Yeah, although a couple of others have emerged. the Washington 2020 Legislative action group. March for our Rights is another. A lot of overlap..

  3. Mini Mike’s ROE isn’t in the states, it’s with the DNC. He is simply a source of funds, his campaign is not serious. However, as a declared candidate, his ‘donations’ to the party are exempted from many finance laws.

    Anyway, what he is doing by ‘campaigning’ among the states is Hegelian. He is the ‘thesis’ to the ‘anti-thesis’ of the party, or, if you will, Mini Mike and the DNC are playing ‘good cop, bad cop’.

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