Russian Sports Competitions Are Different Than Ours

They do things a bit differently in schools in Russia and they have sports that would have American teachers’ unions freaking out.

Like this one in the city of Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East.

While it started earlier, it was made mandatory in 2019 that all Russian students be taught how to assemble and disassemble AK47/74s. It was part of their “patriotism” lessons and is meant to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s birth.

Russia’s Education Ministry has released methodological guidelines for schoolteachers to use on November 10, the 100th anniversary of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s birth. The guidelines call for a nationwide lesson on the inventor of the AK-47 assault rifle, arguing that such a class will foster patriotism, help schoolchildren form a Russian identity, allow them to understand the value of defending their fatherland, and facilitate interest in military service down the line.

Imagine if American schools – other than places like Trinidad Junior College or Montgomery Community College – had similar programs like that commemorating the contributions of John Moses Browning, John C. Garand, or Eugene Stoner to the American military and American history.


3 thoughts on “Russian Sports Competitions Are Different Than Ours”

  1. I find the caption at the very end one of the most interesting: “Replica”.

    I doubt very seriously that those were “replica” weapons. Maybe they had the firing pins removed/filed down or they were some how disabled in that way, but replica, nope.

  2. If you really want to see the teachers unions freak out tell them that Kalashnikov was a Life Member of the NRA and attended at least one National Meeting.

  3. Nice.

    My mother in law is from Russia and wanted to shoot my AK the first time she visited us here, since they were all taught disassembly/reassembly in school during the Cold War. Turns out she didn’t like it as much, and preferred my AUG, haha.

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