This Is Why Newbies Are Buying Firearms

If the NICS figures are any indication, a lot of people are buying firearms. While the gun prohibitionists are portraying it as gun owners buying more, we know that is incorrect. There are a lot of first time gun buyers out there even when the state throws up roadblocks.

As to why there are a lot of newbies buying guns, it is because they correctly foresaw a rise in crime. They knew that a firearm, correctly used, will allow them to protect themselves and their families.

New York City has seen an increase in property crimes in the last 28 days according to the NYPD’s statistics. This includes a 6.9% rise in robberies, a 21.8% increase in burglaries, and a whopping 64.2 increase in grand theft auto. This is taking place in a city that is the nation’s epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You are having criminals being released from prison to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Moreover, you are seeing criminals who are caught be released on virtually no bail even for violent crimes. Bond amounts are equivalent to pocket change. And this is in Texas!

Breitbart Texas reports that even Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is concerned about the release of prisoners and the expected rise in crime.

Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo said burglaries in the city are up 20 percent since the issuance of “Stay-Home, Work-Safe” orders put in place by Harris County.

“Right now, burglaries have spiked 20 percent,” Chief Acevedo told Breitbart Texas in a phone interview. “Some people are seeing the shutdown of businesses as a target-rich opportunity. Habitual burglars should not be released.”

The chief said that there needs to be a plan for what to do with habitual criminals that are being released from the Harris County jail under orders from County Judge Lina Hidalgo. “What happens to these folks after they are released,” the chief asked. “What is the plan?”

Acevedo said Judge Hidalgo did not consult with him about the issue of releasing criminals from the county jail, a large percentage of which were arrested by his officers.

You have to wonder if he is rethinking his position on gun control.

The rise in crime seems to be more place specific as there are locations like the Bay Area reporting a decrease in crime while Minneapolis is reporting an increase especially in business burglaries.

UPDATE: Colion Noir who lives in Houston reports that the mayor is asking criminals to just stay home “and chill”. I agree with Colion Noir’s skepticism.

6 thoughts on “This Is Why Newbies Are Buying Firearms”

  1. Criminals are gonna criminal… And THEY see a target rich environment right now… Acevado is playing both sides against the middle (John Q. Public) as usual.

  2. Art Acevedo is an opportunist hack. I doubt he has the courage to change his mind or stance on the citizen’s ability to possess firearms.
    Even after it came out that HIS corrupt officers murdered that innocent couple in Pecan Park, he still called those involved ‘Heroes’.

    He is the absolute reason we have the 2nd Amendment.

  3. That whole bond thing is tantamount to catch and release. It only serves to embolden the predator.

    Indeed, the local neighborhood blog just reported an attempted robbery in the Kroger’s parking lot.

    A real judge shortstopped the release of “non-violent” prisoners from the Harris County Jail. Chief Acevado is slicker than the Sheriff, Ed Gonzales, whom, like his predecessor Adrian Garcia, bears considerable watching. At least the Constable(s) have been professional.

    In the couple of neighborhoods of which I am familiar, it wouldn’t be a good idea for criminals to criminal. Hopefully, when the call for clean-up on aisle three, the tally is well made.

    We’ll see.

  4. They keep talking about a rise in burglaries in our area but no one I know has been burgled. I am hoping to avoid it since I am home all the time and don’t particularly want to have to shoot anyone.

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