All Existing 2A Cases Before SCOTUS Still Alive

The Supreme Court Order List released this morning denied certiorari to a number of cases. However, they did not deny nor grant certiorari to any of the 11 existing Second Amendment related cases that were sent for consideration at Friday’s conference.

This means that cases dealing with everything from interstate sales to carry to microstamping are still alive. I am keeping my fingers crossed that one or more of them will be granted certiorari. The dissents plus Kavanaugh’s concurrence in NYSRPA v. City of New York indicate at least four votes to hear Second Amendment cases. It only takes four votes but realistically you would need five or more to be assured of a pro-2A ruling.

3 thoughts on “All Existing 2A Cases Before SCOTUS Still Alive”

  1. The question is “Where is John Roberts”. He highly unreliable, to be more charitable than he deserves. His political games to preserve Supreme credibility is actually undermining the court.

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