Interesting Chart On Population Density

This chart came to me in an email I get daily from Strategas. I’m not sure how I got on their mailing list but I get daily charts regarding economic issues from them.

They noted in reference to New York City reopening for business:

Population Density Will Cause Trouble for NYC Reopening
Reopening is underway in many areas of the country but New York City may have a more difficult time than other major cities for one reason: population density. NYC has a population density that is more than 1.5x that of the second densest city. With social distancing playing a large role in stopping the spread of the virus, New York City faces many challenges and may take longer to return to normal.

This reinforces my introvert’s desire to have 50 acres with the house smack dab in the center of the property. Oh, and to have a thorn-filled hedge of bramble and other thorny stuff surrounding all 50 acres.

3 thoughts on “Interesting Chart On Population Density”

  1. If you live somewhere it will grow, cholla cactus makes a great natural barrier. It’s sort of like barb wire and non-lethal punji sticks mixed together. The bad aspect of it is that not only does it catch simply everything that blows past, but it is also a favored haven for rats and mice, which will frequently attempt to nest under it, or drag the fallen spiny pods into alternate nesting areas (such as car engine compartments).
    But if you’ve got separation of at least a couple hundred yards between the cholla and anything important, it oughta work a treat.

  2. “Trouble for NYC reopening”? I think not. Americans in NYC are starting to reopen regardless of what the government says. Doesn’t mean there won’t be chinavirus, just means that they are sick of authoritarian BS, even in liberal enclaves.

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