NRA Annual Meeting Postponed…Again

According to an article in the Springfield, MO News-Leader, the NRA Annual Meeting of Members and Board Meeting scheduled for Labor Day weekend is being rescheduled.

The head of Springfield’s convention and visitors bureau confirmed Monday that the National Rifle Association annual meeting slated to be held in Springfield on Sept. 5 is expected to be rescheduled.

“Apparently, they are going to reschedule for November here in Springfield,” said Tracy Kimberlin, president and CEO of the Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau, in an email to the News-Leader.

Dana Maugans, another CVB official, said NRA leadership “have not settled on dates yet” but intend to move the meeting to November.

This goes to confirm a Tweet posted yesterday by Asher Stockler who formerly was with Newsweek.

Rumors of the rescheduling surfaced on the Facebook group Save the Second this morning as well.

As I understand it, the City of Springfield and Greene County had significant limits on the number of people that could attend in their Phase 3 Road to Recovery plan. By my estimation, the Springfield Exp Center would have been limited to 375 attendees provided they used the entire meeting space of 45,000 square feet. Public assemblies are limited to 25% of the capacity until October 15th.

Of course, I have my plane ticket and room reservations. The reservations for the room are no problem but now I have see whether I can roll the previous ticket over to the next meeting.

As soon as I have a confirmed date, I will post it.