Give Ian McCollum A Cameo In Next John Wick Movie!

A petition has been started to give Ian McCollum a cameo appearance in the next John Wick movie. I signed it a few days ago before I even saw this video. When I signed it, they were looking for 5,000 signatures. Now they stand at 65,000 signatures and are seeking 75,000.

In the video below, Ian makes some great points about why he should be considered for a role in the movie.

You can sign the petition here! Do it and do it now!

Who would you rather see in the movie – some boring old Hollywood hack or Gun Jesus? Heck, I might even go to the theater to see the movie is Ian was in it and I haven’t been in a movie theater in literally 20 years.

3 thoughts on “Give Ian McCollum A Cameo In Next John Wick Movie!”

  1. To be fair to Keanu Reeves, he did do a lot of training before filming these movies, so maybe “boring old Hollywood hack” isn’t meant to apply to him?

  2. You know, things like this petition really underline to me why I love this community.

    It would be great if we saw John Wick watching one of Ian’s videos and then wanted to find that particular weapon, but that’s really asking a lot.

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