Arsenals Behind Enemy Lines

An alternative title might be your tax dollars at work if you live in New York City.

In an effort to curb “gun violence” (sic) in Gotham City, a joint firearms task force that included BATFE, the NYPD, and, believe it or not, the Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General recovered this enormous arsenal in a raid.

The streets of DeBlasio’s New York have never been safer.

2 thoughts on “Arsenals Behind Enemy Lines”

  1. What’s missing in that picture is all the “ghost guns” since they don’t photograph very well. BOO!

  2. An enormous waste of money, but wasting money is about all DeBlasio does well.

    I can imagine a vast “draft Rudy Giuliani” movement.

    Unfortunately it’s infinitely easier to destroy a city than build one, and it will take years to fix NYC. If it doesn’t collapse first.

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