2021 NRA Board Nominations

30 individuals have been nominated by the NRA Nominating Committee to run for the Board of Directors in 2021.

Rather than listing them by name, here is a photo of the list.

This does not include those who plan to run by Petition such as Frank Tait.

I’d like to point out sitting Directors who would normally be up for re-election this year that are not on the list.

First and foremost is LtCol Robert Brown. Evidently he was just a bit too free-spoken and too likely to rock the boat. I did hear a rumor that NRA President Carolyn Meadows had earlier demanded he resign from the Board.

Also missing are people like Il-Ling New, Kristy Titus, and Robert “Bob” Nosler.

What is that old saying, “the more things change, they more stay the same.” 2020 has seen the New York AG move to dissolve the NRA, Republican control of the Senate is on the edge, and a new anti-gun administration presumably (if possibly fraudulently) has been elected. So the Nominating Committee comes up with a list of the same old names with a few new ones tossed in.

All I can say is that Wayne is secure if not the organization.


3 thoughts on “2021 NRA Board Nominations”

  1. Meanwhile, SAF & FPC are busy not getting indicted, not trying to sell me wine, and not blowing donations on mansions. Instead, they are filing multiple 2A cases in a variety of jurisdictions in order to take advantage of the recent Supreme Court nomination. Perhaps Wayne can make a vaguely supportive comment about the coming decision to make all pistol brace owners into criminals once he’s back from the tailor. You know, like when NRA “fought for your rights” with proposed suppressor bans and successful bump stock bans.

    1. You can see that they have taken advantage of the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to start introducing cases they hope will make it to the SCOTUS.

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