“A Personal Agenda”?

Judge Phillip Journey hit a nerve with his motion for appointment of an examiner in the NRA’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. So much so that the powers that be felt compelled to send an email to all members of the Board of Directors after 9pm Monday night.

The email was by NRA President Carolyn Meadows. Let me correct that last statement. The email was from Carolyn Meadows but it was so lawyerly crafted that I have immense doubts that she herself composed it.

She starts off by mentioning the court filing and then asserts the Judge Journey misunderstands the NRA’s bylaws. She says he is mistaken in his belief that the formation of the Sea Girt LLC vehicle and the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing required special board approval. She asserts that the revised employment contract of Wayne LaPierre which was approved by the entire board provided that authority.

I am not a lawyer nor am I an expert in bankruptcy law. However, from everything I’ve read elsewhere from real experts in bankruptcy law, the formation of special entities and especially the filing of a bankruptcy requires an expressed approval from a board. In other words, it is not a power that can be delegated to the hired staff like Wayne.

The Complementary Spouse read over the email as well. Her take was that this email actually, for the most part, did not dispute Judge Journey’s motion so much as dance around it.

Then there was this line: “I find it disgraceful anyone would suggest otherwise to advance a personal agenda.” That was in reference to the line in the motion of how at least one board member was told to sit down and shut up. The Complementary Spouse noted the irony of accusing a board member of having a personal agenda when no one has a bigger personal agenda than Wayne LaPierre.

The email ends by saying if any board members have questions to please direct them to the board’s attorney Wit Davis. I should point out that he was hired by Wayne LaPierre to replace Steve Hart who LaPierre fired.

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