Old NFO Has Another Winner

Jim Curtis aka Old NFO, gun blogger and author, has written another winner.

Released last week, Showdown on the River: The Bell Chronicles, follows Rio Bell and his compadres as they make their way up from Texas moving a herd of cattle in the early 1870s. Along the way to Fort Laramie, they run into hostile Indians, rustlers, and stampedes.

After delivering the herd to the buyer and selling the excess to the U.S. Army, Rio makes his way up in the Rockies outside of Fort Collins to check on his Uncle Ethan Bell. As he searches for his uncle, he stumbles into a range war. The Kidds, led by patriarch Roger Kidd, are seeking to expand their spread by taking over other claims by force.

What the Kidds didn’t know was that Rio was also known as Rio Kid, a legendary gunman, who would “fight for the brand” against all comers.

Western stories are not usually my preference. However, this book kept “a’holt” of me from start to finish. I highly recommend it.

Available in Kindle format, you can get it here. It is $4.99 well spent.

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