It’s Not Just Ammo You Can’t Find Anymore

Anyone who has gone into a gun, hardware, big box, or sporting goods store knows that ammunition is in short supply. This includes trying to obtain it from places like

I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

Reloading supplies are scarce as well. This is especially true for primers.

Again, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

However, try to find the shell holders for the more common rifle calibers. I’m looking for a shell holder that fits a .30-06 Springfield. That is the parent cartridge of a number of other rounds such as the .270 Winchester, the .35 Whelen, the .25-06, and the .338-06.

Good luck!

Cabelas? No!

MidwayUSA? Nyet!

Brownells? Non!

BassPro Shop? Nope!

Graf & Sons? Nein!

Amazon? Only if you are willing to pay almost four times MSRP.

EBay? Used only and sold prices are $22 and up plus shipping.

Now if you are looking for shell holders for such popular cartridges as the .303 Savage, the .303 British, or that safari favorite of years gone-by the 6.5×54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer, you are in luck.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Ammo You Can’t Find Anymore”

  1. If you can find a .45ACP I believe that that is the same shellplate. I used to make .45 Super brass out of cut down 30.06 brass (thicker case).

    While I doubt that .45 ACP reloading supplies are any easier to find, it might help.

  2. For reloading hardware, including shell holders, try They make awesome presses, dies and numerous other reloading hardware necessities.

    I do not represent the company, I am simply a very satisfied customer.

    1. CH goes back a long way in the reloading industry. I have some of their dies and other accessories. I wouldn’t mind having one of their “H” reloading presses if I could find one at a reasonable price.

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