A Tale In Three Pictures

Do you recognize either the man or the location of the remnants of this fire?

Here let me give you a hint on the location.

Yes, that is the Branch Davidian compound in Mount Carmel outside of Waco, Texas as it is going up in flames. 76 men, women, and children died in that fire. The siege began when agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms raided the compound on February 28, 1993. 12 surviving members of the Branch Davidians were later tried on a variety of firearm offenses. The young man standing in the ashes holding what appears to be a M16 M14 was the ATF case officer for the trial.

Maybe you recognize him in this picture.

Getty Photo

Credit should go to the the British newspaper Daily Mail for linking the first photo to the man who is now President Biden’s choice to be the next Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. The Daily Mail also has placed Chipman at the other infamous raid of that era – Ruby Ridge.

I guess Biden couldn’t get Waco Jim Cavanaugh so is making do with Chipman.

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  1. Dude… Please don’t keep resending this. That is almost certainly not Chipman. I don’t know who it is, but that ain’t him.
    The ears don’t match: Chipman has lobes that flare away from the head at the top while the dude with the M14 has more even ears. While they have similarly shaped faces, Chipmans is a tad rounder (even accounting for weight gain). Chipmans nostrils flare more, and angle up and away from his face; M14 dude has a more standard profile nose. There’s several other minor differences as well.
    Chipman has a bad enough record as it is in regard to Waco and the subsequent history rewrite and coverup; let’s not discredit those facts with allegations even someone as lightly trained as I can take apart. At MOST, that MIGHT be him, but its highly doubtful once one starts doing point by point facial comparisons.
    He is a statist turd; focus on that, instead of lurid allegations that can be so easily discredited.

    1. “lurid allegations that can be so easily discredited.”

      Speaking of which, has anyone verified that story that is circulating, that Chipman said that two helicopters were shot down by Barrett rifles at Waco?

      That story appeared to originate with The Daily Caller, but when I went to the Reddit AMA link they provided as a source, I couldn’t find the words “helicopter” or “Barrett” or even “.50 BMG” anywhere, and I went to great lengths to scan the comments electronically.

      If anyone has a verified source, I would appreciate having it. Until then I’ll have to dismiss it as BS and a hoax.

      1. I just checked out that Daily Mail story. They display an image of a tweet allegedly by Chipman saying two helicopters were shot down at Waco using a Barrett rifle. But the original story by The Daily Caller said he made the statement in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session last year.

        Who’s lying? Because either The Daily Caller, or the Daily Mail and/or Stephen L. Miller (redsteeze@twitter), who is credited as the source of the Twitter image, has to be. Maybe all of them?

  2. That’s an M-14 battle rifle. Great weapon IMO though it is a bit heavy. That opinion is not shared by many and the original M-14 was issued as the primary infantry rifle for a shorter time than any other since 1900. But I learned to love the M-21 which is a sniper version of the M-14 having the heavy barrel and being glassed and accurized. Head shots at 300 meters were a cinch and I got good at putting rounds in the bull at 800 meters.

    One might ask why a medic would be a sniper. All SF soldiers are light infantry first regardless of specialty. There are two medics on a 12 man “A” team. It makes a lot of sense for one of the medics to be in an assault force to provide immediate care and one medic to be in the support role at a distance to go in a pick up the pieces. Screo I was trained as a sniper at SOT and also as a mortar man passing the master gunnery exam up to section leader.

    . But there is now a new M-14 called the M-14 EBR-RI that is lighter and lighter.

    Also the Army is getting ready to replace the M-16/A4. One big reason that new M-14 was developed and deployed was because the 5.56 round was found to have inadequate penetration of the concrete block walls so commonly used in the buildings that our troops had to deal with in urban warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    There is a new 6.8 mm assault rifle coming into limited service next year that will probably eventually replace the 5.56 M-16/A4 and it’s variants as the primary infantry rifle for the US Army and USMC. This new rifle firing a 6.8mm round supposedly has more penetration and knockdown power than even the M-14 that uses fires the 7.62mm round.

  3. Why is a civilian law enforcement agent wearing military fatigues and carrying a military rifle?

  4. Both pics show same downturned, scowling mouth. Same head shape. Same eyebrows. Same arrogant FU look. Nostril differences hard to note, but Chipman’s bulk in lower picture would account for any differences in nostril shape. Either way, he’s a scumbag that should NEVER be in charge of America’s #1 gun control agency.

    1. “Either way, he’s a scumbag that should NEVER be in charge of America’s #1 gun control agency.”

      I think you miss the point.

      I’m old fashioned, and think that if you have truth on your side, that should be enough. Lies or “embellished” truths will eventually bite us in the ass, no matter how well they serve our propaganda purposes in the short term.

      Lay out the case for what makes him a scumbag, and if he really is, that will be enough. Being a BATFag for 25 years is enough for me, but it won’t be for everyone. Fill in some detail there, like what he said and when, but don’t make things up in the process, and check on those you suspect of making things up.

      For example, there is a nascent Wikipedia article about Chipman, that is barely more than a stub. But the references used as sources appear to be pretty sketchy (e.g., some nobody’s tweet) and leverage a lot off of questionable/sensational sources. No one will be impressed who isn’t looking to be impressed.

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