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A friend sent me a link to a new blog called, “NRA in Danger.”

Having read all of their postings, I’d say it is a must-read blog especially for any NRA member who is concerned about the bankruptcy filing, the organization’s future, and the shenanigans played by Wayne and company. I don’t know who is writing this blog but I have found their reporting on the NRA’s bankruptcy hearings astute and incisive.

Here is how they describe themselves:

We are a group of NRA members, all life or above, who are concerned about where our organization is being taken. In 2019, the 150 year-old NRA, the oldest civil rights organization in the country, was rocked by financial scandals. The New York Attorney General (It’s a New York corporation) sued to dissolve its corporate charter, to kill it as a corporation. Since then its leadership and Board of Directors has consistently made the worst possible decisions, feeding her ammunition. A good move would have been to announce it was concerned about the allegations, was going to seriously investigate, and remove or otherwise punish those responsible. She’d have had no case then, yes there were problems, and NRA’s board is curing them.

Instead, the choice was to purge those who supported an investigation, threaten any who might join them, cover up everything, keep those responsible, and hand them big bonuses. Members were told that nothing was wrong, her case was all lies and posed no danger. Then the Board filed for bankruptcy, spending millions to escape from that supposedly harmless suit.

The members deserve truth, and we will do our imperfect best to give it to them.

We can be contacted at: NRAlifer -at- protonmail.com

I have only listened to some of the bankruptcy hearings. However, this one part from Day Five which included testimony from Judge Phil Journey just infuriated me.

At board special meeting in March, he was told his motion made him an enemy of NRA’s position. Charles Cotton asked that anyone adverse to NRA not attend executive session, while staring at him. He attended anyway. Got up to speak at microphone, chair ignored him, refused to call on him and he eventually sat down. When they went back into open session he asked to speak on a point of personal privilege, his honor had been impugned, and people shouted him down and Willis Lee, 2nd VP and chair, ruled him out of order. So he was prevented from speaking to the rest of the board about the issues and why he had filed.

A majority of the Board and especially the leadership are acting like petulant children. Their actions are more reminiscent of the behavior of members of the Soviet Politburo towards someone who had fallen out of Stalin’s favor.

I will freely admit that I was taken in by Willes Lee. I endorsed him not once but twice. I regret ever urging anyone to vote for that snake in the grass. The best I can say in my defense is that Willes was very good at cozying up to and playing members of the Second Amendment new media. That is, until he got what he wanted. Now we are yesterday’s news and treated like untermensch.

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  1. Thanks for this information. I subscribed to the blog, in an attempt to keep up with what is happening with the NRA. Very important, especially right now, as the things going on to try and steal our gun rights are in need of protection. Thanks again, and stay safe.

  2. Probably time to start thinking of a world after the NRA. We desperately need a voice in these difficult times and the NRA, even if it survives, is too consumed with its own internal problems. I don’t see any of the other organizations out there stepping up. 2AF is good but has a different mission than the NRA. I am less than impressed with the other organizations that have historically challenged the NRA. So something new. Ideas?

    1. There were true believes who worked for the NRA; however, they have all been purged. The NRA is bloated with unnecessary employees even now. Get the right people back in place who are masters of their craft (especially in the irrelevant ILA) and get out of their way. We need the 900 lb gorilla back post haste. The brand is still strong to the average American. So as soon as Wayne dies, goes to prison or some other miracle happens — we can get back to fighting for freedom unbridled from the corruption that has run the organization for 20+ years.

  3. We don’t appear to even have a GRO in Washington state. There is GOAL (the Gun Owner’s Action League) but all they apparently do is put out a periodic legislative update by email. I have tried to contact them several times about membership (they don’t have it), involvement (they don’t have it), and/or possibly increasing their activities (which they don’t seem to have). Never a response other than once, when I got an email back from the newsletter guy saying “that’s not my area” but no further information on who to contact. It’s frustrating.

  4. Charles Cotton does not surprise me in the slightest. I realized he was an enemy after I and several others called him out (privately, in my case) for fighting and advocating against open / permitless carry in Texas, only to get immediately banned and blacklisted from his forum and any other outlet where he had influence.
    Not only is he one of Wayne’s little toadies, but he’s also a royally corrupt turd in his own right, having carved out a nice little industry niche for “CHL Instructors,” and lobbying and fear mongering against any expansion of gun rights.
    He got his, and he actively wants everyone else to fuck off.
    Just like Wayne.
    They’re two peas in a pod.

  5. “The best I can say in my defense is that Willes [Lee] was very good at cozying up to and playing members of the Second Amendment new media.”

    No offense intended, but that has never been very hard to do, and it has gotten easier in recent years.

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