Misplaced Priorities

The NRA-ILA posted yesterday that they plan to spend at least $2 million on fighting gun control. The post also dealt with Legislative Town Halls. This is all well and good.

That is until you think how much was spent elsewhere.

For example, the NRA has spent $8 million in legal fees to avoid paying former ILA Director Chris Cox the $2 million severance his contract called for.

This is on top of the approximately $10 million in legal fees spent on their abortive attempt at bankruptcy.

Now it might just be me but I’d sure as hell rather have seen $18 million spent on fighting gun control and protecting the Second Amendment than on legal shenanigans. Imagine if just a fraction of the money spent on Brewer, Attorneys and Counselors, had been spent in the Georgia run-off election. Instead of a 50-50 Senate with the Democrats running things, Cocaine Mitch would still be running things and would have served as a bulwark against the anti-rights, anti-gun moves of the Biden Administration.

As I said in the headline, misplaced priorities.

2 thoughts on “Misplaced Priorities”

  1. With so much money going towards “other” expenses, I begin tob wonder if NRA hasn’t turned into the gun charity version of Wounded Warrior Foundation.

  2. Not to mention, this mess has got to have impacted their revenue. I used to be a regular contributor but no more until the mess is fixed. There seems to be many like me.

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