Bloomberg’s Pet “Gun Violence” Researcher

You may have heard of Daniel Webster of Johns Hopkins University. He is the Bloomberg Professor of American Health and heads Johns Hopkin’s Center for Gun Violence Prevention and Policy. It is a research center within the Bloomberg School of Public Health. The name Bloomberg in all of this is because Michael Bloomberg has donated big time and continues to donate big time to the school and Webster’s research.

As you would suspect, Webster is no friend of gun owners, constitutional carry, or the Second Amendment.

The Complementary Spouse caught a story on NPR regarding the passage of permitless carry in Texas this past Wednesday. What caught her ear on the All Things Considered story was a comment by Webster that said, in essence, before violent armed criminals committed their acts of violence, most had been legal gun owners at one time. He blamed the loosening of gun laws for prodding them

Listen for yourself. The intro to Webster’s comments begin at the 1:15 mark in this short clip and it goes on from there.

By Webster’s reasoning, every criminal was a good kid at one time and every porn star was a virgin. If only those pesky gun rights advocates hadn’t convinced the evil Republicans into loosening the law then those formerly law abiding gun owners probably would not have committed their acts of violence.

That this argument is given any public forum makes me shake my head.

6 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Pet “Gun Violence” Researcher”

  1. By the same thinking, mother’s milk is a gateway drug that leads to alcoholism.

  2. In other news, water is wet.

    He is paid to say what Bloomberg wants him to say.

  3. Just a heads up, when I hit your website on safari on iOS, it had a (non-iOS) pop-up asking me if I wanted to download “vib”. I frequent your site and that is a first, so not sure if you have something corrupt/hacked going on. Just a heads up.

  4. In 2013 when Maryland passed its Handgun Qualification License (HQL) scheme (license and fingerprints to get a qualification permit to buy a handgun), he presented evidence that Missouri’s permit to purchase scheme reduced gun violence. – based on 10 cherry picked points. After a lawsuit was filed, he disavowed his own research under oath. Oh, and murders went up 35% in Bodymore the following year (2014), following passage. Of course, you will never hear about that fake research any more, its been thrown down the memory hole while the HQL lives on.

    He is a Bloomberg whore bought and paid for by some of the $1.2 billion Bloomberg donated to Hopkins and the gun violence research department. Honestly the only thing more irritating than Webster are all the politicians who eat up his propaganda. Webster clearly had no conscience about all the research he’s cherry picked and faked.

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