Quote Of The Day

I am reading Kurt Schlichter’s latest Kelly Turnbull thriller The Split. It had a quote that combines my Irish heritage and my disdain for “woke-ism”.

An Irish crime boss is being questioned in his Charlestown bar by a People’s Bureau of Investigation (what used to be the FBI) Special Agent regarding a bank robbery gone bad. The agent is warning that trouble is coming from the authorities if he doesn’t cooperate.

“We’ve survived Cromwell and the Potato Famine by sticking together,” Seamus said.

“But will you survive woke?”

“We’ll take our chances.”

Schlichter is a good story teller and he knows just how to parody the politically correct. I can recommend reading the whole series.

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    1. Start from the beginning of his series. The best part is how he parodies chosen pronouns, etc.

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