Psaki Asked If Chipman Nomination Would Be Pulled

A reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jen “Baghdad Bob” Psaki if the President was going to pull Chipman’s nomination to head BATFE.

Here is the Q&A from the White House website:

Q    And on a different topic: What is the White House doing to specifically win over support from Democrats on the nomination of David Chipman to lead the ATF?  Senator Durbin just told us this morning that Democrats don’t have the votes, and Senator Tester also signaled this morning that the nomination could even be pulled.  So does — is the White House still pushing through on that nomination?  And what is the White House doing to whip up votes? 

MS. PSAKI:  Well, I’d first remind people, as you well know, but for others, that not only is he a veteran of the ATF, but he’s somebody who has been a supporter of smart gun reform measures that could save lives of people across the country.  And we — the President felt quite confident in the — his qualifications and his ability to lead the agency at a time where it hasn’t been led for many years. 

In terms of our specific legislative strategy, I’d really have to talk to the team and see where things stand with that.

Forbes captured this exchange and you can watch Psaki start to dance.

You have to believe Tester is praying that Chipman’s nomination is pulled so he doesn’t have to go on record. At the end of last week a guest editorial by Donald Trump, Jr. appeared in the Billings Gazette saying that Tester cannot support both Chipman and the Second Amendment. He pointed out that many hunting groups have come out against Chipman.