Playing Politics With CCW Permits In Florida

Nikki Fried (D-FL) is the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. As such, she is in control of the issuing of concealed carry permits for the State of Florida. She is also the only statewide Democrat office holder. She is an announced candidate for governor of Florida in 2022. Her announcement video mentions that she “kicked the NRA out of gun licensing” for “the children”.

Commissioner Nicole "Nikki" Fried
Official Photo

When she ran for Commissioner of Agriculture in 2018 her major issues included medical marijuana and gun control. Fried has both a medical marijuana card and a Florida carry permit. She has contended under Florida law it is legal to have both. However, Federal law still prohibits the purchase as well as possession of firearms by those with medical marijuana cards. As a lawyer and former public defender one would think she would be careful about setting up people to run afoul of Federal firearms laws.

Today, Fried has gone a step further in playing politics with gun rights. She has suspended the carry permits of Floridians charged with involvement in the Jan. 6th riot at the US Capitol.

From Florida Politics:

“The deeply disturbing events that occurred at our nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6 were sedition, treason and domestic terrorism — and those individuals involved in the insurrection must be held accountable for attempting to subvert our democratic process,” Fried said.

“Since charges began being filed, we are using our lawful authority to immediately suspend the licenses of 22 individuals involved in the storming of the U.S. Capitol. This is an ongoing effort, and as charges and sentences continue in the wake of this despicable attack, we will further suspend and revoke any additional licenses granted to insurrectionists.”

Florida law allows the suspension of carry licenses for those charged with a felony. However, many of those arrested for involvement in the riot have not yet been charged with any crime which calls into question whether Fried is acting outside the law. She certainly is playing politics with carry permits.

The article from Florida Politics goes on to note:

While Fried’s office by law cannot identify which individuals arrested have ever applied for or received a concealed carry permit, several of the individuals arrested were outspoken gun rights advocates.

It does make you wonder whether she is targeting only certain individuals. Fried certainly is using loaded language when she calls these people “insurrectionists”.

5 thoughts on “Playing Politics With CCW Permits In Florida”

  1. So what you are saying here is that in a totally unexpected turn of events a progressive office holder twisted the law to serve her own personal agenda.

    “Haters gonna hate” is a colloquial saying. With a small adjustment in the wording, it fits so many more cases than it was originally intended to.

    1. Totally unexpected for a progressive office holder to twist the law to serve her agenda? Not exactly!

      Licensing is under the Dept of Agriculture because Marion Hammer and the NRA pushed for it in 2002. They wanted it answerable to an elected official.

      I guess no one ever thought a Miami attorney would get the position. In many states, the Commissioner of Agriculture has to be a practicing farmer. That is the case in North Carolina.

      1. “Not exactly!”

        I was being sarcastic. 😃

        Makes sense what NC does. Ours is appointed by the governor, has a degree in Resource Management, and appears to have worked for the government his whole life. I have no idea whether he is doing a good job or not.

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